SKU: RB39-01048

As low as $350.00
Description: Performance

This swim skin is born from technology and utilizes the fastest and most hydrophobic textile worldwide.

Exclusively Constructed with a very specialized fabric called Whale, this one piece suit is only designed to do one thing, move as fast as possible in water.

The stretch cross weave of Whale merges compression, lightweight and Elasticity (2 times more than traditional stretch fabrics) to provide exceptional enhancement to one’s swim performance.

This swim skin really does have it all, outstanding glide characteristics, an absolutely minimal drag count in water, and most importantly with proper fit the ability to move freely within one’s full range motion without chafing.

Value for money when trying to buy proper fit and speed in water, this suit is not beaten.

To Buy and Build your made to measure apparel please download the Regna Photofit™ Phone application here:

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