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This short-sleeved one-piece triathlon suit is part of our professional racing lineup and is a complement to our functional 1-piece suit. All our pieces gain their namesake from their complete functionality and are made primarily with specialized Kailua fabric and finished with Art Flow sleeves. Kailua fabric is highly breathable, ultra-fast wicking, and offers 50++ UV Protection, but what makes it truly unique is the hydrophobic-like properties and compression this fabric provides. Kailua’scutting-edge hydrophobic technology will provide enhanced swim performance with additional glide and slipperiness in the water. Kailua was created for the modern athlete – with this extremely fast-drying material and thermoregulatory properties, Kailua is suitable for the full range of temperature and racing conditions found at any multisport event around the world, and will make any athlete’s transition from swim to bike exceptionally comfortable and stress-free.

Considerations for real-world aerodynamics have played a huge role in the garment design and fabrication of this suit, especially in the form of the Art Flow sleeves. The Art Flow sleeves are golf ball-like in texture and have been scientifically proven to save more than a few seconds on the bike leg at any distance competition. Additional comfort and performance gains have also been built into this suit through the newly-release soft flex zipper from YKK, the global standard for high-performance zippers. This suit’s full-front zipper design actively moves and flows in conjunction with any athlete’s movements, thus allowing for complete ventilation and a chaff-free racing experience. This functional piece also features a triathlon-proven Italian-made chamois available in a short- or long-course version. 

The technical specification of every component of this suit is considered and complemented by the 3 generous and protected rear pockets.


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Hydrophobic - water repellent 


Thermoregulatory - temperature smart technology 


Chamois – antibacterial, antimicrobial, padding