Custom Sustainable Performance Wear

The Regna Box™️ Full service Plug and Play Ecommerce Solution for the making and delivery of endurance sportswear. From your own brand/label/design or the ability to custom make or rebrand styles you offer.

Key Support Points
• Orders are placed through the (Powered By Regna phone application) that we developed for partner brands.
• Brand development and design of sportswear, running, cycling, triathlon and swimming.
• Access to large fabric library to pull from , embellish and make products in recorded time (very fast lead times).
• Factory Direct manufacturing of products and delivery to end user, prices identified worldwide…etc. Ready to sell to planet Earth anywhere…

• Income #1 
   - 25% of total income goes to the brand owner of the Powered by Regna application.
• Income #2
   - Regna Cartel Income - Income from Regna Cartel divided by number of partners equal profit share for the Regna Consortium (Regna Cartel).
• Income #3
   - Introduction to New Partners- 15% of total sales of new Regna Business Partners go to you.